timee – It’s about time (Part 1)

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With timee we want to redefine “time management“.

As a social calendar timee not only helps to organize appointments. What rather constitutes timee is its function to bring people together again, to spot and experience things collectively – and with this to add value to life. timee’s mission is the enhancement of its users’ quality of lives by helping to organize and shape what we perceive our greatest asset: our time.

Despite all time management tools being on hand today and innumerable possibilities to organize leisure time, at the end of the day quite a few of us have the notion not to have used their time effectively: We waste too much time with unimportant, unnerving tasks. We find hundreds of entries in our address lists and still feel disorientated and alone. Why do only so few of us manage to spend their time well?

This thought was the initial spark for timee’s development. In this process we didn’t skim over this topic, but we started with drilling down on subjacent questions: What does effective time management mean? Is it to have as much spare time as possible or to discern and to use advantageous moments? Is it more important to manage urgent things as efficiently as possible or to allow for relevant things? How do we tell the difference?

Over and above, still much more basic: What is time?

In our blog we not only want to keep you informed about planning, development, and functioning of timee, but what is more we want to take you on an exciting journey on questions relating to time.

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