timee for studios. Participant management and organization

My yoga studio, which I have been visiting for many years, now works with participant lists: I have to call up front, be put on a list and if something comes up and I cancel, my place cannot be filled at short notice. Often I didn‘t attended a course because I forget to call or the whole procedure is too exhausting. After all, the studio is not accessible around the clock. The new requirments in corona times are particularly difficult to implement for smaller studios.

Especially corona times of course made the organization of clubs and studios even more difficult, but in principle one has to say that it is not easy to coordinate many members and large teams. Mostly, communication channels of choice are emails and group chats. Emails are slow because you have to wait for an answer forever; eventually it even ends up in the recipient’s spam folder and is therefore completely lost forever.

Group chats … gives me goose bumps. So confusing! Information easily gets lost, because in a long conversation nobody ends up knowing what was discussed or what was agreed upon. If a document has been shared, you can be sure to never find it again among the flow of conversation. If I do not take part in an appointment, I am still in the group chat and will be bombarded with messages that do not interest me.


The challenges in organizing larger teams and groups clearly lie in the way of communication and sharing information about appointments and their coordination.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to have a calendar in which you can create appointments, share them with everyone and discuss exactly this appointment in a chat room? In addition, a data storage for documents and other information.

That is exactly what timee is created for. My yoga studio for instance could work like this: create a course date, set the number of participants, share “Monday Vinyasa Flow” with everyone. Members can then immediately accept or cancel, the waiting list moves up automatically. The studio has an overview of who is participating and who is not without having to keep complicated lists.

A chat is attached to each course to discuss various things. It is also possible for the trainer to put “homework” or training plans in the data storage for download.

With timee, the studio can also conveniently share duty rosters among employees. Shifts can be swopped via the chat.

And what is in it for me? I no longer have to call the studio and can easily click on “participate” in the app. I have synchronized my private calendar with the timee calendar, so my yoga class is entered automatically form e to not miss it. That definitely makes my life easier and saves time and energy.