time management reinvented

timee is a quantum leap in the appointment and event organization with DSGVO-compliant premium chat. 

Nursing services swear by it, event agencies are totally enthusiastic and even associations and club use timee. 

With timee, the appointment and event organization becomes easier than ever, and communication and the sending of sensitive data is finally secure. Because timee – the innovative app that is integrated on nearly one million Samsung handsets, is DSGVO compliant! 

timee is a new type of smartphone application that is used to quickly and easily create appointments/events (including a date for a birthday party, wedding, etc.) and allow to communicate directly with each other with all data protected. 

timee combines the structural advantages of a calendar with the dynamics and speed of an instant messenger. It is an ideal solution for organizing appointments and communicating with entire teams, departments and groups. timee’s premium chat makes it possible for the first time to request an active read confirmation for particularly sensitive and important data. 

One of possible applications: An event is scheduled for which you would like to invite employees/colleagues/friends and share important information. In timee you simply create the event and forward the link via email, messenger or sth similar. Pressing this link leads to the installation of timee, whereupon the event is automatically opened. Every invited person can now participate, follow or reject, which is clearly displayed in a participants list. In addition, all participants are then automatically networked with each other and able to share important information, documents, news, etc. in a breeze. 

All this is done in a few steps and eliminates the annoying questions once and for all, when or where an appointment takes place or what documents are to be prepared.