Why is communication important in a team?

Let’s start with defining the word “communication”. That is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium and sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers.

Language developed some 50-150.000 years ago. That’s a pretty long time ago the homo sapiens managed to speak amongst each other already. Not everything we blurt out makes sense per se but isn’t it amazing how we accomplished to learn even different languages and dialects?

If I gossip with my friend, write a love letter, chat with my brother on timee, or type an email to my colleague – all these forms are shapes of communication. And not to forget the unsaid, the read-between-the-lines, the facial expressions. There is verbal, digital, written and unsaid interaction. Keep all of this in mind when interacting with people.

Team communication

Now, if you work in a business surrounding where you have to manage a lot of people or where it is essential to work productively as a team, team communication is the key to efficiency. Why? Because in order to achieve our goals, exchanging information and interacting in one kind or another with each other is inevitable. Face-to-face time with all the team members will make them more familiar with each other and helps to overcome boundaries. If you know a person, you’re more likely to put more quality in the content you share, and this will lead to a better performance of the team overall.

Why is communication important in a team?


Another important beneficial factor of a good communication in a team is that it will save time and money. If you’re able to implement a team communication strategy high in quality with a constant workflow, people will cut back on inefficient (email) messages. Emailing is too static and causes too much delay in feedback and answering response. A mobile team communication app like timee is perfect to gain quick reactions. If everybody has the same picture they can perform best as a team.

Summing up, good team communication needs a shared tool to work with in order to not loose valuable information. This will make every team member happy and confident because they can share their ideas and information and get a quick response as well. Work on one single platform, discuss, chat, share documents, build project groups and process the whole team’s interaction through one tool. This will help to organize the entire crew.

Next, we’ll talk about how team communication strategies should look like.