Time management isn’t easy. Everyone’s dream is to have more time. More time to carry out tasks at work, for a hobby, for the family, for yourself. However, not everyone knows that it comes to the use of a few tricks and in fact, the day will be longer.

Why is time management important ? 

How often do you say, „I don’t have time,“ „I wish the day lasted more than 24 hours“? Such statements usually do not come from too many responsibilities, but from the lack of good time management. Time is not flexible, it cannot be stretched or extended. So how do you manage it, so that these dilemmas disappear from our lives?

Time management tips

Time management – PLANNING

An important step that many people forget about when preparing plan is to analyze the days or weeks baseline. We don’t always know how long we have been doing an activity, that is why we put too many responsibilities in the day’s schedule.

Appropriate analysis of the situation is first and foremost an accurate description of how much time we spend on specific activities: checking emails, preparing a report, returning home, eating dinner, etc.

The second stage of proper planning of your day is to create a „to do“ list, i.e. list the things to do on a specific day / week and to sort tasks from the most important and most urgent to those less important that can be done later. Organizing the hierarchy of tasks is called Eisenhower matrix, thanks to which we will know our priorities for a given day. To do it, try our app, download timee for iOS or android version depending on the type of your device.

Time management – SYSTEMATICS

Success in effective time management depends on our regularity, this is why it is important to perform scheduled tasks within a specified period of time. Failure to comply with the established rules knocks us out of the rhythm and hinders the execution of scheduled tasks. A good way to avoid this problem is to leave yourself a couple of leisure hours in the evening – this will be our personal reward for the effort put into systematic completion of the plan during the day.

Best time management apps

The big advantage of time management applications is that we can actually use them from anywhere. Three hardcover calendars and a file of notes is a heavy burden that we can’t always take with us, whereas to use the application often all you need is only a smartphone and sometimes internet access.  

If you’re looking for the best time management app, you should try timee. The simplest calendar for business, associations and clubs or individuals, with many social functions and team management functionalities.