We regard time as normal. As an element clocking our lives. As something so trivial that we don’t think about it, yet we are organizing our lives according to timekeepers. Even if time is universal, it often flinches from our perception: No matter what time our clocks tell, five minutes can seem like eternities and weeks can go by in a flash. Children conceive time differently from adults and for elderly people past years often seem like moments.

Time and particularly how we use it is a determinant for quality of life. But how can come upon a kind of time usage which makes us happy?

Trying to answer all these questions isn’t new by far. Science, philosophy, and many other professions have been addressing these topics for many years. In our blog they will have a chance to speak. We will inspect, if statements which were made hundreds of years ago are still valid today. We will check, if assertions made tongue-in-cheekly or provokingly contain an element of truth after all. In doing so we will observe the newest scientific findings, but not without challenging them as well.

The essence of all these inspirations can be found in timee: With timee we are able to use our limited time to do things we are interested in with the people we like.